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Cherche des joueuses haute niveau



mon club cherche des joueuses haute niveau en Allemagne, pour plus des info, contactez-moi svp...


Hi everyone,

We are a hockey and tennis club in the Düsseldorf/Ruhr area in Germany. Our ladies team is looking for serveral high-level/elite players (U21/national team prefarable, but not a must) for the outdoor season starting in April. The club would offer free accomodation and a language course (if desired). We would assist you in finding universtiy courses, a job or an internship (several club members have already offered positions).

It is a perfect setting for a smester or a full study year abroad as six universities and a number of technical/social colleges are in commuting distance (less than one hour). If you would like to play hockey on a top-level, enjoy a club with a thriving social live and spend some time in Germany this summer, do not hesitate to send me a message or post a reply. I´ll get in touch with you asap.

posté le 14-01-2009 22h31 par Boerdi
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Cherche des joueuses haute niveau
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